Stevie Wonder Interview on Click

Great interview with Stevie Wonder from Click – BBC’s Technology Programme. The video interview is 15 minutes long but there is also a written synopsis. It was interesting to hear Stevie’s use of technology and also his opinion on surgery to restore eyesight. I was pleased so hear the interviewer bring up the issue of manufacturers not wanting to make products accessible due to increased costs in order to accommodate a small market. Stevie was right back at him with a reasonable response.

The interview was held at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2008. I think it is great that Stevie goes to this show and engages with the manufacturers. He also visits the product showcase of the Technology & Persons With Disabilities Conference each March in Los Angeles (I’ve seen him there each of the 5 years I have attended). He is great about stopping to talk with folks and pose for pictures. Whether you like his music or not, he is certainly a role model!

Added February 12, 2008: Here is an additional story and interview from NPR (National Pubic Radio):

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