Capturing and Captioning a Screen Reader Demo

I spoke at a conference where I wanted to give a demo of using a web application with the JAWS screen reader. Since I am not an expert screen reader user, I find that it is easier to record the demo rather than trying to give it live. With a recording, I can also post the demo with the slides for people to view later. However, once I have media I need to caption it to make it fully accessible. Here are the steps I used to create and caption my demo. It is much easier said than done but the process is getting easier. In order to prevent this post from getting too long and overwhelming, I will post each step in a separate post.

Here are the steps I will cover:

  1. Recording a Screen Reader Demo
  2. Converting File Formats
  3. Creating and Editing Captions
  4. Adding Captioned Video to an HTML5 page

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