More Fun with the tabindex attribute

Back in November, 2007 I blogged my results of testing the tabindex attribute in several browsers. I recently retested with the latest versions of the browsers and included Safari 4. Luckily the recommended methods for working with the tabindex attribute do not change. Here is the updated version: All you never wanted to know about […]

Working with disabled (the attribute)

Once again I was bitten by the manner in which the difference browsers report the value of the disabled attribute. I decided to test the different ways of using the disabled attributes and record my results. When writing JavaScript I generally use the object.getAttribute("attributeName") syntax to get an attribute value. However, this will return very […]

Creating Accessible Popup Help with Dojo and ARIA

I thought I would create and ARIA example of Popup Help – turns out that is easier said than done. By Popup Help I mean a link or trigger element that is activated to display a block of help text that “floats” above the rest of the page. It seemed easy enough to implement until […]

Captioned Video on Importance of Header elements for screen reader users

Updated on May 14, 2009 – The South Africa Web Standards link no longer seems to work. I also updated the page with the embedded video so there should be fewer problems with it. Through a tweet from AccessibleTwitter I was directed to a blog entry at The South African Web Standards and Accessibility Group […]

Stevie Wonder Interview on Click

Great interview with Stevie Wonder from Click – BBC’s Technology Programme. The video interview is 15 minutes long but there is also a written synopsis. It was interesting to hear Stevie’s use of technology and also his opinion on surgery to restore eyesight. I was pleased so hear the interviewer bring up the issue of […]