Notes from Inclusive Mobility Talk

As promised, here are the notes I made in preparation for my Inclusive Mobility Core Conversation at SXSWi 2011. I didn’t need to rely on these too much as people actively participated and asked questions! General: Talk is about making mobile applications accessible for ALL. Don’t want to just talk about people with disabilities because […]

SXSW – Final Interactive Day

I supported my friends at two accessibility talks today. First was Accessibility for the Visually Impaired: Ground Breaking New Technologies. This featured Michael Cooper from the W3C who I worked with when I was on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines working group. He was asked questions by the panel moderator, Genevieve Wilkins. Michael did a […]

More Fun with the tabindex attribute

Back in November, 2007 I blogged my results of testing the tabindex attribute in several browsers. I recently retested with the latest versions of the browsers and included Safari 4. Luckily the recommended methods for working with the tabindex attribute do not change. Here is the updated version: All you never wanted to know about […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-28

Why won’t tweetsville display my timeline anymore? Rebooted iPhone, cleared cache – I can see messages and favorites but timeline is blank? # Testing a tweet from tweetsville – timeline won’t display? Thus have been out of touch last few days # working on adding aria-readonly to the dojox.DataGrid #dojo #ARIA #a11y # Anyone know […]

Working with disabled (the attribute)

Once again I was bitten by the manner in which the difference browsers report the value of the disabled attribute. I decided to test the different ways of using the disabled attributes and record my results. When writing JavaScript I generally use the object.getAttribute("attributeName") syntax to get an attribute value. However, this will return very […]