Out of the Dark – I’m Back

Since this site has been dark for over a year, I really couldn’t call it a blog. Well, it’s time to get back into it! I’ve committed myself to at least one post per month but am going to try for more “short & sweet” posts. We’ll see – I tend to be long winded!

I presented Dojo at the California Web Accessibility Conference in early January. I had three sessions, a general introduction to the Dojo Open Source Toolkit, How to convert a standard HTML form to a more flashy Web 2.0 look AND remain accessible, and more advanced uses of Dojo for developing accessible Web 2.0 applications. The presentation and links to the live demos are in the Presentations Page of my WebA11y site. See the California Web A11y conference item on the Presentations page. I also incorporated Dojo onto that page.

My dad is 85 today – Happy Birthday, Dad!

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