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Those in the accessibility field have probably already seen this survey from WebAIM: Screen Reader Survey. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is worth a review. It is a survey of about one thousand screen reader users of varying ability levels. The most interesting information to me was the consistent trend that flash content can be difficult to negotiate. This is a bit disturbing given how many sites are now using flash to implement extra “pizazz.” It was also insightful that there were not strong trends about the use of alt text or link text. I think that many web developers struggle with how detailed to make alt text. I know that I’m never quite sure whether to add more detail at the risk of too much chatter. Give it a look and form your own opinions!

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  1. In the linked-to survey is a figure that makes me polish off my crystal ball: “12% use a screen reader on a mobile phone”

    That is higher than I expected. My prediction is that it will reach 65% in less than five years.


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