Captioned Video on Importance of Header elements for screen reader users

Updated on May 14, 2009 – The South Africa Web Standards link no longer seems to work. I also updated the page with the embedded video so there should be fewer problems with it.

Through a tweet from AccessibleTwitter I was directed to a blog entry at The South African Web Standards and Accessibility Group that included a video posted on YouTube from a blind screen reader user on the importance of header elements for accessibility.

Since it wasn’t captioned, I did my best to add captions using a new, unreleased tool in development at IBM. It was presented at 23rd Annual Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference – User Efficient Voice Recognition Based Caption Editing System (pdf). It was an interesting learning experience! Hope you enjoy.

Captioned Video on the Importance of HTML Headings for Accessibility

Also, if you want more demonstrations of how people use screen readers to navigate the web I suggest you search on YouTube for “screen reader”. Have Fun.

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